Comitted to the mission: 32 years in the company

tomas hägg

Long relationships are something we value highly here at Stringo. This applies both to customers and our own employees. We will soon be saying goodbye to Tomas ‘Häggen’ Hägg, who has been working with us since 1987.

He was the fourth person to be hired 

Tomas’ career in the company began when we were still called Famek. Göran Fahlèn had recently founded the company, which was primarily geared toward contract manufacturing for the sawmill industry and the manufacture of garage doors. Tomas was the fourth person hired by the company. He worked as a welder.

“Yes, it’s been some journey,” says Tomas. “There’s a huge difference between the company today and when I started. We have grown a great deal in last few years, and the company is now structured entirely differently. Plenty of vehicle mover models have also endured through the years and evolved to become world-leading today.”

Tomas does not regret his 32 years

Many of our employees have been here for many years. It produces stability in the business and allows us to optimally maintain and further develop our extensive experience of designing and manufacturing vehicle movers. It has been 32 years since Tomas joined the company, something he does not regret.

“I have enjoyed my time here immensely, otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed for so long. The sense of community here has played an important part in that. Even though we are much larger today, it still feels as if we are all part of the team and contribute to the product,” says Tomas.

Both a welder and a drag racing champion

At Stringo we are committed to establishing close relationships with customers as well as employees. Working together to further develop Stringo is an important factor in our success. Tomas began as a welder, but has served in various roles in production over the years. He has worked mostly with goods handling in and out of the company leading up to his forthcoming and well-earned retirement. And Tomas is not worried about having nothing to do. Summer is the peak season for Tomas, who is a Swedish champion in drag racing.

“I won’t be sitting at the kitchen table wondering what I’ll be doing with all my free time,” says Tomas and laughs. “My drag racing will take up a lot of my time: there’s maintenance, transportation, and the car itself, not to mention all the travel to and from races. We also have both a house and summer cottage where there’s plenty to do. And my daughter has also recently bought a house. So I definitely won’t be idle. It’s going to be great at first to have free time and not have to wake up so early in the morning. But by autumn I’ll be ready to get back to work. It may feel a bit different then.”

All of us here at Stringo wish Tomas all the best with his drag racing and hope he enjoys his free time and morning coffee in peace and quiet.