Safety feature: Automatic roller planes


Safety first is very important for us at Stringo and that is why we spent time and effort to find the best solution to prevent possible hazards when moving a vehicle.

As it is becoming increasingly common that cars have larger tires and also as cars with conventional four-wheel drive make both wheelsets to roll simultaneously, we have worked out a solution to safely move these vehicles. That is why we are proud to be able to deliver our vehicle movers with automatic roller planes.

What is automatic roller planes?

The automatic roller planes have integrated rollover protections that work mechanically when a vehicle is entering the roller planes for loading. The protections fold up close to the tires and with the vehicle fully loaded the protections are raised in an upright position and giving outstanding over roll protection for the vehicle towards the Stringo driver.

When the vehicle is unloaded, the protections are lowered automatically and folded back to start position where they do not increase the height of the Stringo front when entering under a vehicle.

A safe choice for bigger cars

“We have discovered that car manufacturers are changing their standards to bigger dimension on rims and tires and optional selections bids even larger wheel choices for the customer when purchasing a car”, says Stringo CTO Magnus Grafström. “These bigger car wheels are causing a lighter risk for the car rolling over during transport if sudden stops or obstacles. The automatic roller planes are designed to prevent this from happening.”

Regarding 4wd cars, where some of them are using conventional powertrain to obtain a four-wheel drive, the roller planes enable the loaded wheelset to rotate while moving the car.

Our automatic roller planes are possible to order as an option to any Stringo model.