Why we make customer-specific machines

R&D of the Stringo 550 with HD Front Section and a strobe light pole

To us, quality is about listening to our customers, constantly evolving, and striving to produce the best vehicle movers on the market. Strict requirements have been placed on our operations, and it is our ambition to take responsibility for our products throughout their service life.

At Stringo we have been manufacturing vehicle movers since the 1980s. It is our sole focus and demand has steadily increased, and our organization has grown accordingly.

A flexible solution is the best solution

Something that began as a practical and simple solution for a local showroom has evolved into the world-leading, flexible product that Stringo is today. And what a journey it’s been. In the 30+ years we have been operating, the automotive industry has changed radically, and us along with it. It has entailed continual challenges, adaptations, and requests, which we try to meet with steadfast commitment through ever-greater investments in our organization.

Adapted to unique environments

One of the many things we have learnt is that, when it comes to moving cars, the environments the cars are in are just as numerous as our customers, and, considering the huge diversity of vehicle types, this has resulted in varied development work driven by innovation. New conditions have allowed us to grow with new ideas.

“Our success has largely been due to the passion and commitment of our employees in building long-term relationships with our customers – prioritizing them, listening to them, and fulfilling their wishes and requirements. Something that has always meant a great deal to us. We have also further developed our model series, the S-series, in parallel to conceiving a new, reinforced design of our largest models as per the wishes of our customers,” says Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo.

Strict quality requirements

Throughout the years, we focused on the further development of our quality work to assist our customers going forward. This has included enhancing our R&D division and investing considerable resources during into the formulation of new procedures for following up on the feedback and requests we receive from our customers.

“Modernizing an organization along with its manufacturing processes is always a necessary – and very motivating – endeavor.”, continues Nina.

Our ambition is to consistently supply high-quality machines to our customers, no matter the industry, and we understand that our customers’ needs and conditions are hugely diverse. That’s why each machine that leaves our factory is customer-specific. This places strict requirements on our quality work, and we want everyone who invests in a Stringo to know that we take responsibility for the quality – from the time it is manufactured by us and over the many years it is in service at our customers.