How Henry Ford Museum moves valuable vehicles safely


Last year Stringo donated a vehicle mover to The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit as a way of demonstrating our support for their important educational work.

About Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is a non-profit foundation. The museum’s collections comprise vehicles of different sizes, weights and shapes, most of them with a story to tell about our history. Their work, especially their educational work, made such an impression on Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo, that she decided to donate a vehicle mover to the museum. The new Stringo vehicle mover is already contributing to their important job.

Trusted to move iconic cars

The Henry Ford Museum uses the Stringo to move the one of a kind vehicles of the collection. They no longer must push the cars and risk damaging the vehicles and worry about the paint cracking from hand pressure. In addition, they can have one person control the vehicle and use other personnel for spotters, a much safer way for the cars and people. The original 1964 Ford Mustang convertible serial #1, The John Kennedy presidential Limousine, original Ford Model T and Model A are some of the priceless vehicles moved by the Stringo.

The Henry Ford Museum has expanded and upgraded their collection which included the use of the Stringo as a key part of the move. They were consolidating all 400 cars stored at various locations under one roof. The use of the Stringo allowed them time savings and protection of the invaluable, one of a kind collection.