Vehicle mover for wrecked cars at test facility Horiba Mira

Moving wrecked and damaged cars at test facility Horiba Mira

Automobiles are our most common means of transportation.
A couple of years ago we passed the point where there were more than one billion motor vehicles in use in the world, China alone has the largest motor vehicle fleet, with 322 million motor vehicles registered last fall.

When as common as they are it is of outmost importance that our vehicles also are safe. That is why automotive testing is a vital part of vehicle engineering. To see that the very latest technologies and services around are designed to ensure that the highest standards are met in terms of product quality, reliability, durability and safety.

About Horiba Mira

To ensure this work, there is a number of testing providers around the globe. One of the most experienced performers are the leading international vehicle engineering and test service provider Horiba Mira. The company was established already in 1946 and they are internationally recognized experts in transport R&D with an impressive 40 major facilities and 62 miles (100km) of proving ground. 

In Horibas Mira’s laboratories the automotive testing can be anything from crashtesting to climatic wind tunnel testing as well as pedestrian safety, powertrain testing, environmental testing, engine noise, EMC, component testing, body structures, advanced emission testing and much, much more.

Moving wrecked and damaged cars efficiently

We are proud to be a long time supplier of vehicle movers to Horiba Mira. Under their circumstances the Stringo is invaluable when it comes to moving automobiles safely and efficiently.

One example are the crash testing laboratories. After a crash test has been conducted, it is not often possible for the vehicles to be driven. Thanks to a Stringo that was developed specifically for moving vehicles damaged in crash tests, even moving wrecked cars is a simple matter.

Customized machines for automotive testing

Another facility is the Advanced Emissions Test Centre (AETC) as this timelapse video shows, when Horiba Mira employees performed a real driving emissions (RDE) test with a Stringo S3 to their support.

At Stringo we know that our customized models are currently making their mark in numerous automotive industries in which the global Automotive Testing community are one of our prioritized segments.

This is why Automotive Testing Expo is an important meeting ground for us. It is here that representatives from automotive industries across the globe discover new technologies that are able to simplify the manufacturing process. It is also here that technology suppliers like ourselves can cultivate partnerships with one another.