How a smart vehicle mover can keep both cars and people safe


When a vehicle is being pushed by hand, or with the use of unsafe machines, there are always risks involved. The only way to guarantee zero injuries and eliminate vehicle damage in assembly line operations is to use a smart vehicle mover. In this article, you will learn 5 ways a vehicle mover can help you meet high safety standards and improve safety records.

1. Eliminates vehicle damage

You only touch the tires of the car while using a vehicle mover to transport it from X to Y.  This means you eliminate the risk of car body damage that usually comes with pushing cars by hand or by using a mechanical pusher.

2. It’s a one-person operation

It only takes one person to move any type of car with a vehicle mover. The operator maneuvering the machine is in total control at all times. If you use a vehicle mover, no one is at risk of getting hurt due to poor communication or receive physical injuries caused by the pushing of heavy cars. Also, the operator in charge of the vehicle mover is protected by the machine.

3. Safety features

A vehicle mover is equipped with engineered features to meet the safety requirements in an industrial environment. The operator can alarm employees that a vehicle is approaching by using the horn. A professional vehicle mover can also be customized and adjusted to meet specific safety requirements.

4. It has over roll protections

A professional vehicle mover has roller planes that can handle bigger cars with larger tires and four-wheel drive. Roller planes with integrated automatic over roll protections ensure the vehicle is safely loaded upon the vehicle mover. This design prevents the car from rolling off the vehicle mover during transport if there are sudden stops or obstacles in the way. Such unexpected situations would otherwise be a risk, especially with cars that have bigger wheels.

5. Operator training

Having a couple of superusers responsible for moving vehicles will increase both efficiency and safety. Always ask your vehicle mover partner for operator training. This way, the operators learn best practices and safety procedures to become vehicle mover professionals. With a qualified operator moving cars in your plant, you know for certain that both cars and people are safe every day.

Car damage you eliminate with a smart vehicle mover

  • Broken tail lights
  • Dented body parts
  • Paint scratches
  • Bumper damage
  • Car body damage

Employee risks you eliminate by using a vehicle mover

  • Back injury
  • Run-over accidents
  • Sick leave
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Poor work environment
  • Employee dissatisfaction

A vehicle mover for your safety needs

Eliminate your safety risks by investing in the right pieces of equipment to handle the job. Learn more by reading the article Assembly line safety issues every product engineer can easily fix or reach out to our sales team who are happy to help you find the vehicle mover you need to meet your safety requirements!

To further deepen your knowledge on how to reduce safety risks - download our checklist for moving vehicles safely in a plant.