Improved work environment at BMW car dealer Molin Bil


A year ago, Molin Bil opened its brand-new dealership just outside Sundsvall city center. Staff were greeted by a new Stringo S3H when business began in the new facility. 

In the bright entrance, a blue BMW X2 – one of BMW’s new models – catches the eye. Behind the X2, a sporty, metallic blue BMW M3 can be seen by those who peer through the large windows with yearning.

Reduced noise and exhaust emissions

Automobile salesperson David Engdahl offers a test drive. Although the M3 is in between three other cars, with Stringo’s help the cars are easily moved – without needing to start them indoors – so that the M3 can be taken for test drive.

“The vehicle mover is a real advantage,” says David. “It’s incredibly convenient. We can turn and move cars in tighter spaces than if we had to drive them. And the greatest benefit is to the work environment. We don’t have to deal with noise or exhaust emissions in the facility.”

Climate-smart dealership

The new dealership is modern and climate-smart. Not having to start and drive cars around the facility reduces the environmental impact for people at the dealership and the environment as a whole.

From the entrance and the showroom for new cars, David shows us the passage to the used car showroom and the gate through which the cars are moved in and out. The only sounds that can be heard are a few discreet fans, even though staff are busily moving new cars into the neat rows of used beamers. A faint buzzing indicates that another car is about to be placed in a gap between two others.

“Thanks to the Stringo vehicle mover, this space does not have to be as big,” David shows. “One person can easily move the cars with minimal effort.”

"Makes the work easier"

Molin Bil was founded 30 years ago and offers northern Sweden's largest range of BMWs and MINIs. 

“We are more than satisfied with our Stringo,” proclaims David. “It makes the work easier while also creating a better work environment. And it’s so cool that world-leading vehicle movers are developed and manufactured relatively nearby in Nyland, and that we can purchase them here.”