Flexible vehicle mover for a varied car fleet at MotorHalland


MotorHalland is one of Stringo’s long-standing customers.They started with a Stringo CM, and then a 450. But due to increased requirements on flexibility when it comes to moving different types of vehicles, they decided to upgrade to a Stringo S3H.

About MotorHalland

Since the company was founded in 1952, Motor AB Halland has sold new and pre-owned vehicles, performed servicing and supplied accessories and spare parts. Over the years, the business has expanded locally and further developed their equipment and workshop.

MotorHalland's grand facility with a floor space of 12,000 m2 is one of Sweden’s most modern and customized showrooms boasting the very latest concepts from Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Skoda, and SEAT, along with fully functioning Audi Service.

The shift: End of indoor driving

In order to keep their facility clean and ensure a good environment for their staff and customers, no vehicles are driven indoors. The Stringo vehicle mover enables the automobiles to be transported easily without having to start their engines, which eliminates exhaust gas emissions.

A flexible vehicle mover for a varied vehicle fleet

MotorHalland originally invested in a Stringo CM, followed a few years later, in the spring of 2009, by a 450, which was our bestseller at the time. Now, the company has upgraded to a Stringo S3H.

“Today’s vehicle fleet is more varied than in the past,” says Mats Arvidsson, Head of Sales Pre-Owned Cars at MotorHalland.

“It places greater demands on the vehicle mover. It needs to be able to handle everything from small, lighter cars to increasingly heavier SUVs, hybrids, and heavy electric vehicles weighing up to three tons. Stringo S3, where the S3H model is top of the range, works excellently for us in all situations.”

Enables space-saving storage options

Thanks to the Stringo vehicle mover, MotorHalland can make optimal use of their facility. When the vehicles are not standing in the showroom, they can be placed very close together in an adjacent room. All because the vehicle doors do not need to be opened to move them. In addition to safety, the convenience and efficiency provided by the vehicle mover are two reasons why MotorHalland opts for Stringo.

“In modern automobile trading, pre-owned vehicles must be photographed and advertised quickly,” says Mats.

“There is often a high tempo and, in this, Stringo is indispensable for moving the vehicles.”