A sustainable way to move electric vehicles at NEVS


In a setting characterized by innovation and a willingness to do better for the environment, Stringo is the perfect choice. Recently, a Stringo S3H was delivered to NEVS in Trollhättan.

About NEVS

NEVS is a Swedish company that develops electric vehicles together with major motor vehicle manufacturers worldwide, one example being Koenigsegg.
NEVS has roots in the iconic automotive brand SAAB, and has a stated ambition to take responsibility for the future by being a driving force for sustainable mobility.

Trollhättan is home to NEVS Industrial Services (NIS), which is a function providing external services to the automotive industry. The function provides equipment, personnel, and expertise for vehicle development and engineering in a lab environment. They work with several OEMs.

Sustainable and easy for the customers

Their Stringo vehicle mover is used in the emissions lab and operated in two shifts for NEVS’ customers, who have chose to carry out part of their testing there.

An advantage of using Stringo S3H in this environment is that it means they can easily move vehicles with much more flexibility and with less effort, which is good for both the personnel and the efficiency. In addition, the cars can also be moved carefully and safely between the stations.