Stringo DuoMover upgrades the automotive ops. at end-of-line


There are always improvements you can make to increase efficiency when you’re in charge of the end-of-line operation. Adding the changes in the car industry with EV and how to move vehicles when all four wheels must be controlled can be a challenge. One car manufacturer contacted us to solve their challenge with EV. The solution: Stringo DuoMover.

Bengt Becker, Global Sales at Stringo, and Jeff Barr, National Sales Manager in the US at Stringo, explains how Stringo DuoMover was born. 

New needs from the manufacturers

"We saw and heard that changes were coming: electric cars were going to be a mainstream reality. One manufacturer contacted us and wanted help moving their new upcoming electric car that could have all four wheels locked at the same time. There were some methods and tools on the market, but the manufacturer's need was for a much faster and above all, safer solution, both for the car and the operator. And we manage to solve the task. The customer now has a quick and safe, one-person operated transporting solution”, says Bengt Becker.

Our mission was to present an innovative product with high security, efficiency, and user-friendliness to please the customer. Our engineers started working immediately. After some careful studies, they showed the solution: Stringo DuoMover. It was the answer to that car manufacturer's needs. Bengt Becker concludes:

"And here we are, Stringo DuoMover fulfills many needs in the car industry."

Meet Stringo DuoMover

There are always changes and new challenges in the car industry; for example, the EV. Stringo DuoMover provides a safe, easy, and efficient way to move vehicles when all four wheels must be controlled. You can smoothly transport different cars, even over obstacles and transitions, and one person can easily maneuver and handle the whole moving process. 

DuoMover works particularly well with electric cars, which quite often can have all four wheels locked for different reasons. Lift all four wheels of the vehicle and the operator is on its way in less than a minute. It's perfect for challenging environments and high-frequent use. 

Stringo DuoMover in short:

  • Move vehicles with true four-wheel control
  • Electric loading in less than 1 min
  • Climb over 20 mm obstacles
  • Safe and agile maneuvering
  • One-person operation


Combine Stringo DuoMover with the flexibility of the Stringo vehicle mover, and you're ready to go! 

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4 advantages of the Stringo DuoMover


Save money

The efficiency of a pair of Stringo DuoMovers, combined with a vehicle mover, will speed up your daily operation, and reduce costs. The average price of a production stop is 20 000 US dollars. Cutting these will save a lot of money every month.

Safety benefits for vehicles and employees

With a Stringo DuoMover, there are zero risks of damaging the vehicles since the machine only touches the tires. This means you won’t have to pay for common end-of-line damages like broken headlights or front bumpers – repairs that can cost you thousands of dollars.

The safety of the employees is also increased when using Stringo DuoMover. The operators are in full control of the car and won’t have to risk any physical injuries. Improved safety standards keep your employees healthy and safe, which is key to high performance and low sick leave.

  • Reduced downtime costs – no production stops
  • Increased efficiency of each operator – no interruptions
  • Zero cost for vehicle damage
  • Reduced costs related to employee safety issues


Save time

A Stringo DuoMover is a time-saving machine. Since it’s a one-person operation you’ll only need one operator at a time removing non-starters from end-of-line. Removing a non-starter from end-of-line with Stringo DuoMover and a vehicle mover takes less than 60 seconds. This means you never have to stop the assembly line, and you will reduce your downtime extremely.

  • Only one person to move a vehicle
  • Remove vehicles within 60 seconds
  • No downtime – keep the assembly line running
  • Dedicated operators – efficient moving
  • Transport vehicles to the repair area quickly


Increase employee satisfaction

An upgraded operational process will also keep your employees happy. Clear communication and simplified routines make it easier to focus on the job. Having dedicated operators assigned to handle the vehicle mover you won’t have to coordinate the removal of non-starters – everyone just knows what to do. Professional vehicle movers have ergonomic features built-in and are designed to offer maximum comfort and support for the operator. To feel safe at work knowing that management invests in operational safety will also increase your employees satisfaction.

  • Clear communication
  • Less coordination – everyone knows what to do
  • Ergonomic and comfortable vehicle moving
  • Employees feeling safe
  • Employees feeling cared for at work


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The risks of outdated techniques and weak equipment

The end-of-line operation needs to be flexible. You’re already dealing with the daily challenges. Now you have to get your operation ready for adapting to different new vehicle models with different needs

  • Pushing or towing vehicles.
    Pulling people from the assembly line to push a non-starter isn’t just dangerous, it’s also time-consuming. Four or five people have to leave their assignment to mount often non-professional skates or wheel dollies on the car, then push a heavy vehicle, a task that can take up to 10 minutes or more. Towing can be done by fewer people but isn’t much faster. You lose man-hours, and the security risk is very high. You probably need to stop the assembly line too. You need professional tools that can be handled by one person.

  • Old equipment.
    It’s common to stick with vehicle movers or other moving devices that have seen better days. Good quality lasts a long time, but you should be observant when the equipment no longer meets the needs of the operation you’re running. Also, if the equipment you use is really old, it can be expensive to fix. If it breaks, spare parts can be weeks away, leaving your operation without proper equipment.

  • Wrong equipment.
    A common mistake to avoid in end-of-line operations is to use equipment that isn’t made for professional use. Some vehicle movers and other moving devices can’t stand high-performance use and the environmental challenges in a production plant.


Upgrade your process – how to get started

To upgrade your operational process at end-of-line, you need to invest in one set of two Stringo DuoMovers. Once you have them for professional use at the plant, you can easily improve many crucial steps of your operation. Discuss the long-term values of investing in Stringo DuoMover with your manager and other people involved in the decision.

The financial benefits are easy to understand. Usually, a Stringo DuoMover pays for itself by reducing the amount of downtime caused by unplanned production stops. The safety features for both cars and employees are also a prioritized matter in professional automotive operations. The next step can be to create a Business Case to justify the investment.


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