Stringo takes a part in the opening of a Classic Car Museum in Switzerland

The Emil Frey Classic Car Museum in Safenwil, Switzerland

With a tight timeschedule and 60 cars to move before the grand opening of the Emil Frey Classic Car Museum in Safenwil, Switzerland, last year, Stringo took a big part by assist in the heavy strenous work. Insted of several people from the staff steer and push the cars around the premises, Stringo makes it possible for one person to move a car into its new destination easily and safely.

 “We had a tight timeschedule when decoration our museum with our cars and needed to do this both fast and in a secure way. The Stringo car mover machine delivered by Eckold AG really did this job to our satisfaction." -  Thomas Valko business manager for Emil Frey Classics AG

The Emil Frey Classics AG is an historical collection with gleaming models from the post-War years up through the 1980s, mainly from England and Japan. The museum has more 50 classic cars in this collection.

Together with our partner, Eckold AG, Stringo by Famek has again deliverd a car mover to a pleased customer.