The one-man-operator solution for your business


No matter if you operate in a vehicle production plant or at a reseller, moving vehicles has never been safer and more effective than with a Stringo. With the vehicle mover you only need one person to move your vehicles.

One operator is all that is needed, eliminating strenuous work and possible physical injury. And since time is money, you are actually saving both due to the efficiency of a Stringo and its power, as the workforce can be utilized in a more cost-effective way. One person can easily move the cars with minimal effort, and also in a more confined space with excellent maneuverability.

Using a Stringo means that you don´t need to involve more people than necessary to move your vehicles. Using multiple people to push a vehicle is neither efficient nor safe for your staff.

Rely on Stringo as your one-man-operator solution to:

  1. Obtain an improved working environment with less injuries and an emission free workshop or showroom.
  2. Be more cost effective with time as well as space.
  3. Make sure you put safety first, as a Stringo minimize hazards of operator accidents.