The Gallery Aaldering – invest in new useful working tool

Stringo moving vehicles with care at the Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, The Netherlands
The Gallery Aaldering, represents a unique concept in the field of classic cars and sports cars. They are one of the largest classic car dealers in Europe and inside of their exclusive gallery there are 350 exquisite automobiles display on four floor. The family business is based in Brummen, Netherlands and was found 1975.
To optimize their internal transport of cars, three Stringo car movers are operational at the moment in the sales department, the polishing department and in their storage.

- I manage the flow of cars between workshop and showroom. I also supervise the internal state of affairs. The Stringo enables me to take care of all necessary moving work by myself, instead constantly having to involve other staff says Jeroen van de Vliert, the floor manager of Gallery Aaldering.
As a result of their investment they saved time and labour costs. Moving cars with the Stringo creates a clean environment in the showrooms and storage. Although they have just recently bought their advanced car dolly, the machines have already become an indispensable working tool in their business.
Nico Aaldering, managing director of Gallery Aaldering, confirms that the Stringo is a very useful tool in his company and with the Stringo, they can show their customers how carefully they handle these precious vehicles. It´s a real pleasure to move vehicles with the help of a Stringo.
The machines was delivered by the distributors of Stringo vehicle movers in the Netherlands, Hugo Schipper BV