What is a vehicle mover?

what is a vehicle mover

If you are working with vehicles in any way, you know that there will come a time when you need to move a car from one place to another. A vehicle mover helps you get your cars in the right place with minimal effort, without starting the vehicle or push and steer it.

What kind of device is a vehicle mover?

A vehicle mover is an electric machine that is used in industries such as automotive production, garages, and mechanical workshops, to move cars quickly from one place to another. Vehicle movers are specially designed to move heavy vehicles with minimal effort. It is easy to navigate and it only requires one single operator to move the car. A vehicle mover can transport vehicles as heavy as 5 000 kg. The typical machine has a life-cycle of 5-10 years. Several manufacturers produce machines to move vehicles, but there’s only one company that is solely focusing on building vehicle movers.

Car moving equipment that isn’t vehicle movers

Mechanical pushers or towing devices are both examples of things that are used to move vehicles, but these aren’t vehicle movers. All kinds of ways where you need physical strength, like towing or pushing by hand, is another way to do it – but it always requires multiple people and you always need to touch the body of the car in some way. A mechanical pusher has historically been used to move cars at the end-of-line in automotive production facilities. This requires someone to sit in the car to steer and use the brake, while another one pushes the vehicle.

Examples of car moving techniques used:

  • Power pusher
  • Towing device
  • Pushing by hand

Why electric vehicle movers are a popular choice

The electric vehicle movers have come to be a useful tool to move vehicles without concern of damage to the vehicle, or safety of personnel. Modern cars have delicate paint jobs, other kinds of bumpers, and sensors that older techniques, like pushers, aren’t suited for this. Using old ways to move new cars can be damaging to vehicles. The increasing interest in creating a good working environment for personnel is also a reason why many companies use vehicle movers with ergonomic features. It’s also environmental-friendly since you won’t have to start the car every time you need to relocate it.

5 industries using moving devices for vehicles

1. Vehicle movers for automotive production

The most common place a vehicle mover is being used is at the end of the assembly line in an automotive production facility. Operators use the vehicle mover to transport vehicles quickly from end-of-line to the repair area, and from the repair area to the next destination.

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2. Vehicle movers for garages and car storage

A vehicle mover allows you to maximize the storage capacity, which is why it is used by many car storage companies, such as auto malls. Since you don’t have to leave any space for a person to step in and out of the car, you can put the cars close together and save a lot of space.

3. Vehicle movers for private collectors or car museums

In private car collections and museums where there are many expensive cars, it’s important to handle vehicles with extra care. You don’t want to damage the engine by starting the car every time you need to move it. In museums, the vehicles might not even have fuel. Since you don’t want people to touch the exclusive cars, a vehicle mover has become a useful machine.

4. Vehicle movers for crash testing and laboratories

Car testing facilities use electrical moving devices to move vehicles around. Emissions testing, component testing, prototypes, and clay models require a flexible way to move the vehicles within the facility.

5. Vehicle movers for police departments

Vehicle movers are used in the police department when you need to move cars that are evidence and you don’t want to risk touching the car.

When do I need a vehicle mover?

A vehicle mover will often solve the problem if you have trouble with non-starters at the assembly line, or if the end-of-line support needs to change. It can also be a better long-term solution if you have been using a mechanical pusher and the cars have changed. Almost all manufacturers are going through electronic transitions that have an impact on the entire production process. For end-of-line operators, this can be a situation where the battery is dead and you're unable to move the car. A vehicle mover will help you remove the car quickly without any unnecessary stops that slow down the production.