What is a high-performance vehicle mover?

Two engineers using a high-performance vehicle mover from Stringo

A high-performance vehicle mover is a machine that stands for higher demands and ensures safety and stability in professional production facilities. The high-performance mover is also a tough working tool for challenging environments where you need to transport your vehicles longer distances.

How does a high-performance vehicle mover work?

A high-performance vehicle mover works like a regular vehicle mover. But, you can say that the high-performance machine is the tougher, more technically advanced sibling. It might look the same as other vehicle movers but it is, in fact, very different. The differences are located in the front section.

A robust, more superior construction

This new generation of vehicle movers are developed to handle heavier loads and they are designed with a stronger construction that stands the test of time too. A high-performance vehicle mover can handle loads up to five tons day after day, safely and stable. This tough machine is a helpful work tool for high performing assembly lines where you need to use your vehicle mover frequently. Maintenance is low, and few things wear out.

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What’s the difference between a regular vehicle mover and a high-performance vehicle mover?

In a high-performance vehicle mover, you will find similar parts, like planes, press arms, and the wheel treads as in a vehicle mover with a regular front section. But, the construction both looks and works differently. 

  • The bogie wheel construction where the wheels are in line, rather than across gives a smoother ride and a more stabilized transportation.
  • Roller planes with integrated automatic overroll protectors, instead of inclined planes allow the vehicle's tires to roll up on the machine's front section.
  • The reinforced and larger joint pins and bushings for the press arms connections are much more robust when compared to these details in a regular vehicle mover.
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Increased safety, stability, and confidence for operators

It’s common that the machine rocks back and forth when the operator navigates the vehicle mover from the riding platform. With a high-performance vehicle mover, it doesn’t move around as much. As an operator, you feel safer, and it’s safer for other people at the production facility.

Faster transports in challenging environments

The operator also feels increased confidence as the operation will proceed smoother. A regular vehicle mover might shake when you drive over a bump. But, the high-performance vehicle mover has a better capability and is fit to handle environmental challenges in a new way. This means you won’t have to slow down for obstacles. You can easily:

  • Navigate on uneven ground
  • Drive up slopes, go over drainage grills and other obstacles

What types of vehicles can a high-performance vehicle mover transport? 

A high-performance vehicle mover is all about versatility. You can move a wider range of vehicles, from small to big, low to tall. It does the job on the smaller car models, SUVs, and heavier vehicles. In short, with a high-performance vehicle mover, you can move a greater range of vehicles than any other vehicle mover. 

The only vehicles you should not use a high-performance vehicle mover for are cars that have particularly low front ends or very low ground clearance, it would be required a special low front section on such a vehicle mover. This usually includes high-end sports cars. 

How do I know what kind of vehicle mover I need?

The first thing you should consider if you want to invest in a high-performance vehicle mover is what cars you need to transport. If you are a private collector or working with sporadic and shorter distances of travel and don’t have very heavy vehicles to transport, you probably won’t be needing a high-performance machine. In these cases, a machine with a standard front section works perfectly fine.

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The other thing to consider is the environment you work in. Do you have poor working conditions, like bumps in the asphalt or concrete? Do you regularly have to move heavy vehicles between different areas? Then the high-performance vehicle mover will be just the help you need. 

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