Why you should buy a Stringo – 8 reasons

Why you should buy a Stringo – Worker that is using veichle mover


Your vehicle mover should be a tool to increase efficiency, ensure safety, and simplify your work environment. Get your equipment from a an experienced partner with expertise in automotive engineering. Here's 8 reasons why a Stringo is the best choice when it comes to smart vehicle moving.

Stringo is the only company in the world that specializes solely in manufacturing auto movers. This means the machines are uniquely designed to meet the quality and safety standards of professional automotive environments. The engineers at Stringo are constantly working on improving features to meet future industry challenges.

Learn more about why Stringo is the number one choice for efficient vehicle moving.

1. Profitable ergonomics

Stringo’s design is specially adapted to move cars – the human body is not. With Stringo, the vehicles are easily navigated without this action taking its toll on the human body.

2. Environmentally smart technology

Stringo is efficient and powerful, and does not emit any hazardous substances. What’s more, the ignition can be turned off, meaning that the car will not emit any exhaust fumes.

3. Safety all around

Stringo is equipped with a dual safety system that protects both the operator and the vehicle.

4. Immediate economic benefits

Time is money. Thanks to Stringo’s power, the workforce can be utilized in a more cost-effective way.

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5. Everyday simplicity

Thanks to its world-unique design, Stringo has an extremely small turning radius. Large cars are easy to move, even in small spaces.

6. Quality that lasts

Moving cars is heavy work, which places high quality requirements on the machine that is to perform the work.

Throughout the years, we focused on the further development of our quality work to assist our customers going forward. This has included enhancing our R&D division and investing considerable resources during into the formulation of new procedures for following up on the feedback and requests we receive from our customers.

Our ambition is to consistently supply high-quality machines to our customers, no matter the industry, and we understand that our customers’ needs and conditions are hugely diverse. That’s why each machine that leaves our factory is customer-specific. This places strict requirements on our quality work, and we want everyone who invests in a Stringo to know that we take responsibility for the quality – from the time it is manufactured by us and over the many years it is in service at our customers.

7. Always customized

Every machine is customized. This means each machine meets the specific requirements of the unique customer. As a company, Stringo put a great deal of effort into supplying purpose-built vehicle movers.

One of the many things we have learnt is that, when it comes to moving cars, the environments the cars are in are just as numerous as our customers, and, considering the huge diversity of vehicle types, this has resulted in varied development work driven by innovation. New conditions have allowed us to grow with new ideas.

8. Our experience to boot

Stringo has over 30 years of experience and expertise. This means each employee, from engineers to sales reps, puts professional pride in doing a great job and takes responsibility for every single machine.