Humans of Stringo - Stellan Robertsson

Humans of Stringo - Stellan Robertsson

Humans of Stringo - Leif Andersson

He’s our newest Viking hire; a man with a mean spike on the volleyball and a passion for keeping things moving forward. As our new project manager, Stellan Robertsson, tells us how he keeps Stringo delivering its solutions... and what he sees for the automotive sector in the near term.

Hey Stellan, how does it feel to be joining Stringo?

Feels great. I've known Stringo for a couple of years and when I wanted to turn back to a more operative role in the product development process, Stringo felt like the right choice. So far, I've found all that I was looking for: world leading products, In-house development; our own production; a global market and very, very cool customers. (I'm a car guy after all). And on top of that a great corporate culture. I'm really happy to be part of the Stringo family.

You were at Knightec, an industrial consulting firm. Are there any learnings you take from there to Stringo?

For sure. Managing in a consulting firm was a new experience for me and I learned a lot. Knightec is a fantastic company and I see a lot of similarity between Stringo and Knightec, even though they're two very different companies. All companies are built by their employees. Both Stringo and Knightec understand this and I think that makes it easier to make long-term decisions and build that company culture.

I know you like F1 and high technology. What do you see development wise for the automotive space in the next two years? Decarbonisation acceleration? Smaller HP cars?

Yes, I do really like F1; seems like Redbull will take victory this year. In the automotive industry of course electric cars have really exploded in the last few years and that will certainly continue. But I like that you say decarbonisation; there'll certainly be new innovations be that hydrogen or other energy platforms. 

Also exciting are fully autonomous vehicles that are emerging with both cutting edge technology but also with new business models. Will also be interesting to see what effect the current energy crisis in Europe will have on the automotive industry.

Lastly, let’s talk volleyball. What was your favourite spike shot you ever did?

Can't point out one specific, there are so many to chose from 😊 My active carrier ended about 20 years ago and nowadays we just play for fun, mostly at the new court at Vikingavallen.

I just have to say that it´s fantastic that volleyball is on the rise in Sweden. Popularity is growing, and also the TV coverage, thanks to the amazing women indoors team with volleyball superstar Isabelle Haak in front. Equally amazing are the Swedish beachvolley youngsters David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig that blew our minds by first beating the Norwegians, the best beachvolley team in the world, in the European championship semi-finals and then continuing to winning the whole thing. At 20 years old. That's truly amazing; I'm jealous in a good way!