German Klassikloft storing cars conviniently and safely


It is so inspiring to see our vehicle movers being practically utilized. The film produced by our customer Klassikloft in Cologne, Germany shows how convenient and safe it is to move vehicles with Stringo – without having to start their engines.

About Klassikloft

Klassikloft allows car owners to store their pride and joy in a safe and professional environment. Klassikloft also provides all the services car owners may hope for in order to enhance their driving experience and perhaps even meet others who also have a genuine interest in cars.

Safe for vehicles and personnel

One aspect of the service involves ensuring that vehicles are available whenever owners want their vehicles – a round-the-clock service. Owners keep their keys. When a vehicle needs to be moved, Klassikloft entrusts the help of Stringo. This means the vehicle can, with great care, be made ready for handover to the customer without having to start the engine or the need for a key. Not only is this favorable for the indoor environment, it is also a great deal safer for the vehicles and personnel.

Efficient use of space

“The Stringo is a well developed and produced tool which shows a lot of interest on customer side. The owners of the exclusive cars accept that their cars are parked by the Stringo and they like this kind of Valet Parking. I work with the Stringo every day and it helps me to reduce the risk of damages to the cars while moving as well to use the space of the Klassikloft very efficient.” Niels Thormählen, Owner of Klassikloft, Köln.

To easily move sports cars with low ground clearance is our new S-series an ideal choice and these machines can be adapt to each customers special needs. 

Flexibility and durability

All Stringo machines provides outstanding flexibility and durability, the Stringo S2 and the S3 are powerful but yet agile and can efficiently and secure transport vehicles in workshops and show rooms even when the space is tight.

Klassikloft is able to accommodate 115 classic cars and sports cars in their 2,000 m2 former factory building, which has been renovated specifically for this purpose. The company's website explains how they are able to move exclusive sports cars and classic cars using Stringo's vehicle mover – which Klassikloft considers a major advantage. It proves that Klassikloft makes safety and care their top priorities when handling vehicles. This is something we're very proud of here at Stringo.

Watch Klassiklofts Stringo in action

To shine some more light on its operations, Klassikloft has produced a film which we’re happy to share. Please note that the film is in German and does not have subtitles. Watch it here!