Moving exclusive cars with care at My Garage showroom and storage

person moves white porsche with stringo car mover

My Garage in Vejle, Denmark is a paradise for car enthusiasts aiming to offer everything an enthusiast could possibly need or dream of within the fields of sales, service and storage: If you have a passion for exclusive, special or classic cars, this is the place to go. The company uses Stringo vehicle movers to handle the precious cars sold, serviced or stored there safely and smoothly.

About My Garage

Whether a car just needs a general service before  enjoying the open roads again or is in need of a more complex restoration, the skilled mechanics at My Garage will do the job.

Enthusiasts demanding the absolute best for their prized ones can obtain membership of the Gentleman’s Garage: Under the motto ”Treasured, not stored” cars are placed in glass boxes offering a maximum of security and optimum conditions during their stay – and can even be serviced if so requested. This means that visitors at My Garage can admire a host of attractive sports cars and elegant classic cars.

And maybe, just maybe you will find your dream car for sale, waiting just for you in the sales and exhibition halls of My Garage.

Moving exclusive cars with care

In the workshop and elsewhere in the facilities when cars have to be moved it will be carried out with a Stringo vehicle mover. This is to reduce the hazardous exhausts, avoiding unnecessary cold starts and have a safe and easy way of dealing with the necessary inhouse transports in a safe and secure way.

"Healthier environment for staff and visitors"

“The Stringo is a valuable and handy tool that makes our job in the workshop so much easier. And also in other areas where we need to move customers cars, whether in storage or showroom, it is done with greatest care and safety thanks to Stringo.", says Lars Paugan, Service Advisor at My Garage.

"The car mover provides a healthier environment both for our staff and visitors. No cars need to be driven indoor causing unhealthy emissions. Stringo is also really easy for just one person to handle."

Customized color to go with the brand

When My Garage bought the Stringo they had a special wish – to change the color from the signature red to a color that better suited their branded interior.

"We had a special wish as we wanted our Stringo in the My Garage special green color, and our wish was no problem for Stringo to supply. We are really happy that we decided to invest in a Stringo”, says Lars Paugan.