4 examples of customized solutions to meet special requirements


Because we work so closely with our customers, we have become experts in customization. We can modify our Stringo vehicle movers in many different ways to ensure that they fully meet our customers’ needs.

We provide a range from minor tweaks to full machine overhauls with brand-new added features. Modifications may be needed due to new customer requirements or because something in a customer’s environment necessitates new functionality.
Here are a three different examples of custom solutions that we have provided to different customers to meet their special needs.

1. Safety requirement: Charge without lifting the cover

We have modified vehicle movers for a Japanese customer so that the machines could be charged without having to lift the cover. Normally, the cover needs to be lifted to access the charging inlet, but, by modifying the machines, it is now possible to charge without lifting the cover, which meets this particular customer’s safety requirements.

2. Safety requirement: Additional foot guard

For another customer, we incorporated an additional foot guard on two Stringo S5s. Normally, the foot guard is located around the drive unit, but the foot guard on these specific machines now covers almost half of the vehicle mover. This modification also stemmed from the customer’s requirements for safety.

3. Efficiency: Side slot for quicker battery replacement

A third example involves a S5 for which the customer needed the ability to exchange the battery for a fully charged replacement without suffering downtime. By building a slot on the side through which the battery can be removed, instead of needing to be lifted upward as before, we were able to provide a practical solution to quickly replace a depleted battery. With this customization of the Stringo S5, battery changing has never been easier. Changing out a dead battery for a fully charged battery just takes a few short minutes, which means the customer can keep its Stringo working hard over multiple shifts.

4. Customised painting

One of our option is exterior styling that means you could choose the colour you want on your Stringo car mover. We have delivered machines that are from clear blue to bright yellow. There are a numbers of reasons why you should choose another color than the Stringo red. On option is to choose lacquer after the company´s colour or do as many of the automotive manufactures order the same lacquer after the car that Stringo will transport.
Stringo is an invaluable tool and with a special colour you easily distinguish and clarify which area or car the machine belongs to.Like the Stringo in the picture, Porsche ordered their Stringo in a special lacquer to match the brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Customized painting is just one of our options, for more information which options that are available go to model overview. 

Minor tweak or full customization? You got it

“When you order a vehicle mover from us, we help you to choose the model, accessories, and modifications you need. We offer full customization, which basically means that, for us, everything is possible; from minor changes to fully customized machines with brand-new designs and added features,” says Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo.

How we can help with both small and major modifications

Requests from customers are often received via the R&D or Sales departments. If the case involves a purely technical solution, we draft a concept proposal and provide a cost estimate and time frame. The customer receives a quote based on this.

When it comes to major modifications, we always strive to visit the customer’s facility to understand their needs in their specific production environment. It’s important for us to get a proper understanding of the conditions and environment in which Stringo is used, and also how the Stringo will be utilized.

Four-wheel solution

As an example, a customer in the UK needed a four-wheel solution. Normally, Stringo grips both front wheels when pulling out the vehicle, but, in this case, the vehicles were being tested in an environmental chamber in which the temperature was 40°c below zero.

“Under these conditions, the whole vehicle needs to be pulled out by the four wheels because everything is frozen. I visited the customer and examined the setup, after which we could provide the customer a solution,” says Magnus Grafström.

Other examples include a Stringo fitted with a tow hitch so that the customer can also move caravans, and yet another one is fitted with a raised rotating warning light, since there are strict safety requirements at that particular customer’s facility, which necessitates that Stringo is visible. By mounting a rod to the machine on top of which the warning light was placed, the vehicle mover can be seen easily.