What’s the secret to Stringo’s success?

What’s the secret to Stringo’s success in veichle moving?

The car business is an industry evolving at an accelerating pace, with many exciting innovations that constantly present challenges. The electric car sector is a hot area that is growing faster than any other. For us, challenges are equal to possibilities. How do we succeed in keeping up? Nina Thelin, CEO, and Jeff Barr, US National Sales Manager at Stringo reveal the secrets.

Partnership with all major car manufacturers in the world

After 30 years of serving the car industry with electrical and safe vehicle movers, our job is to follow the development and the ever-changing needs in the car industry. And we are doing well. Today we are involved with all major car manufacturers in the world.

We have the unique ability to listen and talk to Stringo users about their needs, related to moving vehicles, and challenges which need to be solved. We adapt our products according to the manufacturers’ requirements and specific needs. They turn to us because we solve their problems and find solutions.

“Our success has largely been due to the passion and commitment of our team in building long-term relationships with our customers – prioritizing them, listening to them, and fulfilling their wishes and requirements.” says Nina Thelin, CEO at Stringo.

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An ear to the market 

Our only focus is to develop vehicle movers, and our production adapts to this single and essential purpose. Another vital issue for us is to keep up to date with the car manufacturer's innovations and development with new vehicles, for example EV. Nina Thelin says:

“The partnership creates a good understanding of what's coming on the market and hears about new trends that need new solutions. In that way, we can have our product ready when the manufacturers need it. It’s a privilege to have this trust and opportunity”.


The solution company

Jeff Barr says:

"Stringo is a serious company that will solve the car manufacturers' needs, and they are willing to give us their time to try our test models where they develop, test and build their cars. It's fantastic for us! In return, we get valuable feedback that shows us in which direction to go – but also what changes and continuous improvements to make."

We get full access to solve the car manufacturer's challenges and test the Stringo product for their needs. Manufacturers have faith in us to solve the challenge, because of our long history and very well-known knowledge in safely moving vehicles – both for people and cars.

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We never stop developing

For us, it’s essential to now and then dare to question older methods and put them against something new. That’s when we can verify advantages with new technologies we haven’t thought of before. The Stringo DuoMover is a clear example of how we stay ahead. When the car industry needed to solve the issue of moving electric vehicles, which was locked on all four wheels, Stringo came up with a solution.  

“We have developed and continue to develop new products on the ever-changing automotive market. We never stop, because they never stop”, says Jeff Barr.


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