Humans of Stringo - Jeanette Ågren

Humans of Stringo - Jeanette Ågren

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When Jeanette Ågren isn’t busy registering orders from Stringo’s customers all over the world, she’s probably enjoying the great outdoors or baking her signature meringue cake. There’s also a slight chance she’s on her way to Paris for a dream holiday. 

Have you always lived in the High Coast area? 

“No, I grew up in Boden, quite a long way further north. I first moved to Kramfors for work, met my partner, and decided to stay.” 

How did you find yourself at Stringo?

“I started in March 2023. I'd known about Stringo for quite some time after having worked for one of their suppliers for about twelve years. So by changing jobs, I joined my former customer. One of the main pulls for me was the opportunity to work for a company that manufactures its own product.”

What does your role as a sales coordinator entail? 

“I oversee the entire process—from the moment a customer places an order to the shipment of the finished product. This usually takes between four to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the machine. All Stringos are made to order, so it’s crucial to get everything right from the start. I work closely with our technical department to ensure the customer gets all their requests and questions seen to.”

What keeps you motivated?

“Being involved from start to finish in each project, as well as interacting with customers from all over the world. I find it very impressive that a relatively small company in northern Sweden has managed to become a global leader in its field. It’s exciting to be part of a team that takes on the big challenges that our customers in the automotive industry are facing right now, like how to handle electric vehicles in a safe way.”

In a parallel world where you’re not a sales coordinator, what would you be doing?

“I have a deep appreciation for nature, so the only thing I miss at work is being able to spend more time outside. I don’t know what my alternative career would be, but probably something that lets me combine indoor and outdoor work.”

What’s your biggest non-work-related skill?

“Probably baking, which I love doing, especially during the Christmas season. We’ve made it a yearly tradition to invite my partner’s family for coffee and cakes, and I try making something new every year for a bit of variation. For birthdays, though, I play it safe with a tasty ‘Pinocchio cake’. It’s a classic Swedish meringue cake that always turns out well.”

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I like going on walks and outings in the local area. My partner and I have a summer house in the countryside where we spend about half the year. It’s near enough to commute to work. We also enjoy travelling abroad from time to time.”

What’s a particularly memorable trip you’ve done together?

“Rome was very beautiful. And about ten years ago, we went to New York. I was expecting it to be quite hectic and intimidating but was pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere. I actually find Stockholm more stressful. I’d happily go back someday.”

Any other cities you’d like to visit in the future? 

“I haven’t been to Paris yet, so that’s pretty high up on my list.”