Customised painting

Customised painting for Veichle movers - Yellow custom paint example
A Stringo is customized for each recipient with focus and commitment on the customer’s wishes.
We are the only company in the world that is fully focused on developing and producing car movers.
Get the best out of you Stringo by comparing different options to guarantee you choose the right model with the right fittings. Each model in the Stringo range has a wide list of options to properly fit the individual requirements and needs. One of our option is exterior styling that means you could choose the colour you want on your Stringo car mover. We have delivered machines that are from clear blue to bright yellow. There are a numbers of reasons why you should choose another color than the Stringo red. On option is to choose lacquer after the company´s colour or do as many of the automotive
manufactures order the same lacquer after the car that Stringo will transport. Stringo is an invaluable tool and with a special colour you easily distinguish and clarify which area or car the machine belongs to.Like the Stringo in the picture, Porsche ordered their Stringo in a special lacquer to match the brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Customized painting is just one of our options, for more information which options that are available go to model overview.