Humans of Stringo - Hidenari Ito

Humans of Stringo - Hidenari Ito

Hidenari is one of our new members in the Team Japan Stringo team with loads of experience and drive to make Stringo successful. But never, never take away his ice cream.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about Stringo so far?

“In my previous company, I had to do multiple things. I wanted to focus and not see all those different kinds of customers, just focus. But in Stringo, I focus on one thing and one thing only: vehicle movers.”

Ok, I get that. But are there some learnings from that previous time you’re bringing forward?

“Haha, I’m bringing my previous customers and showing them Stringo. There’s a connection between that work and the one I do now with Stringo.”

What’s your favourite thing you like to tell customers about Stringo. From your heart, not simply to make a sale.

“The focus; that Stringo is only, 100% focusing on vehicle moving. That global customers are using it and it’s reliable.”

What’s your favourite personality trait that you’d never give up?

“I’d never give up my curiosity. I’m always calm, you think that I’m not feeling much, but inside I’m churning for new things to learn and do.”

What’s the worst habit you’d never give up?

“I’m eating two or three ice creams every night. Don’t ever take that away from me."