Humans of Stringo - Lena Thelin

Humans of Stringo - Lena Thelin

Humans of Stringo - Lena Thelin

Our latest Human of Stringo is Lena Thelin, Stringo’s newest team member, coming to help Stringo professionalise and drive the HR ambitions. She comes with a wealth of experience and is up and ready to share her positive energy with any who come in contact with her. Oh, and if you need a wheelbarrow, she’ll bring that too!

Lena, you came from some bigger public organization when you managed HR — for almost three thousand. How does it feel to be with a smaller private company?

“Incredibly good at this juncture. In the beginning it felt a bit unclear. As you said, I used to work in a big organization and have the ultimate responsibility to drive and develop HR in the municipality, and work through more than 20 direct reports. But now I’m getting my bearings and it feels really good.”

What are the differences?

“First, I don´t have any employees, so I do the job by myself, from operational to strategic HR. Second, Stringo is a worldwide company which sells vehicle movers. From my previous world the focus was health care, elder care, school and so on; “welfare professions”. That’s a big difference, but I really like the difference. Third it´s easier to make fast decisions at Stringo which is terrific. ”

You’ve lived all over Sweden but you’re mainly from the High Coast area. Where’s your happy place?

“My happy place is my cabin in beautiful Nordingrå, where I stay for about five months a year now.”

What’s your philosophy with HR? How do you envision unlocking human potential?

“The HR solutions have to work and what I mean by that is that all employees should feel included, valued and important, regardless of profession. It also requires that the employees want to take responsibility for the job and the business.

My big wish is that all employees at Stringo feel like ambassadors and only talk well of each other and Stringo as a company. ”

Tell us about the weirdest present you ever got on your birthday.

“A wheelbarrow. You can imagine how I felt about that 😄"