Humans of Stringo - Tomohiko Inoue

Humans of Stringo - Tomohiko Inoue | Stringo®

Humans of Stringo - Tomohiko Inoue

Tomo is possibly one of the most technically knowledgeable Stringo users in Japan, someone who’s used and serviced Stringos for almost two decades. He’s a passionate evangelist for the brand and importantly, someone whose natural curiosity fits perfectly in with our team.

When’s the first time you came in contact with a Stringo?

“25 years ago, in 2005. In Bosch where I was working, the 450. It was just introduced and I was one of the testers doing large vehicles—emissions, climate etc.”

What were your impressions?

“It’s marvelous! So exciting, what a good machine. It was so tight and well made, I appreciated it straight away.”

So then you get a chance to work for Stringo, how did that feel?

“Based on my past experiences, I have a lot to share so that feels great. I love meeting new people and challenges. The device was great, it was so fun to disassemble and play with it, and understand it more. Disassembling and rebuilding was in my education and I really enjoy that.”

What’s your hobby?

“It’s similar to the answer above: I’m the guy who loves to open things, learn and maybe even make them better.”

That’s the definition of hacker!

“I didn’t know that, that’s funny 😄"