Humans of Stringo - Keiko Hoshiko

Keiko Hoshiko, Stringo - The Original Vehicle Mover

Humans of Stringo - Keiko Hoshiko

Keiko is an amazing addition to our team in Japan, someone who helps us keep our growing operations running smoothly; the epitome of a problem solver. She doesn’t like to draw attention to herself but is looking forward to being the solution to challenges like shipping and more.

If you could travel to one place, with one person who would it be?

“Can it be someone who passed away?”

Of course!

“Then my grandfather. He was a brave commander in WWII, in Papau New Guinea and Taiwan… many places, a real survivor. He was a strong, old fashioned guy. I wanted to hear from him more, to hear the stories of his life. But I didn’t get the time to do that. We had moved to Brazil when I was young but he sent me care packages every time, Doraemon.”

What’s something you want to learn more since you’ve started to work with Stringo?

“I want to learn more about shipping to Japan. It’s a real need that we have in Japan and it’s something that I’m curious about. But it’s a necessity, I feel compelled to help with this.”

What’s something that you’d like to change?

“Personally? I want to change my body, COVID was terrible. I also don’t like to be asked things about myself; I have a problem with recognizing my strengths.”

What’s something you’re forward to accomplishing with Stringo?

“In the bigger picture, I’d like to be the person who knows everything about Japan, that when anybody needs an answer or solution I’ll be the one who helps solve that."