One-tire grip and flexibility for automotive production environment


We work very closely with our customers and this has made us experts in customization. Stringo vehicle movers can be modified in many different ways to ensure that they meet your requirements perfectly. Learn about two customized machines that have been designed at our customer’s request to move cars by gripping only one tire instead of two.

Stringo offers a variety of different customization options. Some customers want minor additions such as a rear-view mirror or a towing hook, while others need machines with a completely different appearance and new functions.

When you order a vehicle mover from us, you can opt for one of our models and choose the accessories and modifications you need. It is possible to go for a fully customized machine with modifications that require additional work in the form of design changes and function testing.

Understanding unique environments

Two vehicle movers that was delivered to one of our customers in the USA had special requirements related to their unique production environment.

“In the case of complex modifications like these, we always visit the customer’s premises so that we can get an understanding of what they need,” explains Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo.

“It’s important for us to see what the conditions are like, to talk to the operators and to understand the environment, the functions the vehicle mover has to perform and the way it has to move the vehicles. For example, it may have to transport vehicles up a ramp or in an area where space is very tight. We need to know what we are working with so that we can be sure of delivering a vehicle mover that meets our customer’s specific requirements.”

Optimized flexibility for the production facility

The machines that we delivered were customized so that they can operate flexibly within the customer’s production environment. During one part of the process the machine grips only one front wheel and in another part it moves in under the car as normal and takes hold of both front wheels.

Fitted with additional wheels

These variations involved a number of modifications to the Stringo 550 (Now replaced by the all new Stringo S5), which is the model these unique vehicle movers are based on. Among other things, the machines are fitted with additional wheels. These have been positioned further out to give a wider wheelbase that counteracts tilting when the machine is moving. The modifications enable the customer to move cars without starting them and to position them very close together.

“Our customized machines make up a large proportion of our sales,” says Magnus Grafström.

“This gives us a very strong market position. Every order is unique and we have an organization that allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to each customer’s requirements.”