Best practice to operate a Stringo safely


All of Stringo’s vehicle movers are designed to ensure optimal working posture for the operator. It should be simple and convenient to move vehicles even in environments where numerous vehicles are competing for space and you need to be able to move them on your own such as workshops, dealer showrooms and exhibitions. Here are five tips for how to safely and conveniently maneuver Stringo’s vehicle mover.

1. Comfortable working posture

When handling the vehicle mover without a ride-on platform – fold down the control lever for a comfortable working posture with the aid of the lever on the gas spring. (Image 1)

2. Control lever in upright position

When handling a vehicle mover standing on the ride-on platform, it is best to have the control lever in the upright position. (Image 2)

3. Smooth transport

Move the butterfly throttle gently and smoothly in small increments to avoid unnecessarily jerky transport.

4. Stay aware of your surroundings

Always be alert for hazards that may arise in your surroundings. 

5. Get to know the Stringo

Take time to become familiar with your Stringo and its characteristics before using it in a pressurized situation.

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For more information regarding handling and safety, we recommend that you read the manual that accompanies every Stringo.