Precision and simplicity at Porsche Centre in Melbourne


Porsche Centre Melbourne is just that, a complete center for every Porsche enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new or preowned Porsche, or maybe searching for original spare parts to maintain your Classic Porsche. Maintaining your beloved Porsche is one of Porsche Centres´ specialities.

About Porsche Centre Melbourne

Porsche Centre Melbourne has the facilities and skilled personnel to take on any Porsche.They are one in an exclusive group to be called Porsche Certified Classic Partner. 

Motor racing is in the DNA and heart at Porsche Centre Melbourne. That shows for example by multiple wins in different categories of the sport such as Carrera Cup, Targa rally etc.

Important tool to maximize workflow

The specialized apartment Motorsport has the facilities and experience to maximize your Porsche´s potential.

Service Manager Giles Hunter explains that Stringo is an important tool for transporting the cars safely and efficient to and from one of the 36 work bays.

Workshop Controller Liam Bennett completes by saying that with precision and great simplicity the workflow can be maximized with Stringo at hand.