How we make Stringo safer for the user

Veichle moving safety - How we make Stringo safer for the user

Technological development moves at a rapid pace and new solutions and innovations are constantly emerging in the market. That’s why we are investing for the future by devoting time and resources to researching and testing products and ideas with the potential to further improve our vehicle movers.

Safety is one of our top priorities. It’s an area in which we are already at the forefront, and where we see that we will be able to compete well in the future. We are mainly investigating how we can use electronics and software to make Stringo safer for users, the surroundings, and the machine itself.

Safest on the market

“Our customers prioritize safety,” says Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo. “It’s about saving lives, taking care of their staff, and ensuring quality in their business. And it’s also a priority for us. Even though we are already the safest on the market, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. Instead, we continuously look at what else can be done.”

How we improve our product

The R&D department, together with the Marketing and Sales departments, has analyzed the needs of the market and the range on offer. We whittled down a vast number of ideas to five prioritized areas we believe can produce considerable customer benefit, are technically feasible, and which are not too expensive to implement.

“The work we put into pre-development is not necessarily done with the goal of creating a new product. It’s both about finding the smartest and best solutions, which may be able to further improve our product down the line, and ruling out technology that doesn’t fit with us.”

How we stay ahead in safety

Components and sensors are purchased and tested in various kinds of prototypes, whereas others are rejected or put on hold. Everything is part of creating the ultimate vehicle mover.

“Our product development has kept up since the beginning. Our focus is on providing the best vehicle movers on the market. This does not only apply to the vehicle movers currently being produced, but all future vehicle movers from Stringo. If improvements can be made, we want to make sure we are first to identify and implement them.”

An example of how this form of development can lead to new products and innovations is the work done on our automatic rollover protector, press arms and ramps.