Safety feature: The unique design of our press arms


Our strong press arms plays an important role in making Stringo the complete and safe help that it is for your business. Let us tell you more about the benefits of our unique design.

We handle vehicles in a safe, efficient way

Moving cars is heavy work, which places high quality requirements on the machine that is to perform the work. Since the beginning our main goal has been to handle vehicles efficiently and safe, with as little effort and strain as possible for the person that are moving the car. The press arms does the work for you.



A technology that originated in the 1980's

We are very proud of our long history that goes all the way back to the 1980´s of experience. And from the very beginning, the loading of a vehicle with a Stringo has worked basically in the same way.

Instead of you pushing the vehicle to move it or load it, the press arms gently rolls the cars in place. All you need to do is place the Stringo right by the wheels and wait for the press arms to do their job.

The fact that the function more or less has been the same since the beginning doesn´t mean it hasn´t been improved.

How we respond to developments in the automotive industry

For example, as the trend is bigger vehicles, for cars with larger tires and conventional four-wheel drive, which make both wheel-sets to roll simultaneously, we are able to deliver our Stringo with automatic roller planes that have integrated roll-over protection, and stronger press arms.


We have developed a new PLUS front section for our Stringo 550 with increased driving stability and stronger press arms. This makes the whole front section more robust. We also increased the working pressure in the hydraulic system as well as the “pocket” that grips the wheels.

What about crashed cars?

And for crashed cars we have a special solution. Thanks to a Stringo 550, that was developed specifically for moving vehicles damaged in crash tests, vehicles weighing up to five tons can be dragged or lifted onto the front section which is reinforced with a crash plate and moved with ease. In addition, there are steal press rollers specially designed to withstand rough edges.

3-551Safety first is very important for us at Stringo and that is why we spend time and effort to find the best solution to prevent possible hazards when moving a vehicle and to make you work efficient.