Three Generations of the Stenström Family at Stringo


When Christian Stenström saw an opportunity to start working at Stringo, he did not hesitate. He is the third generation of his family who has chosen to become a part of our community.

“I have felt welcome from the first moment,” says Christian. “Stringo has always been a part of my life and I was very curious about the company seeing as both my father and grandfather worked here. That’s why when a position became available in assembly, it felt right to apply.”

Christian’s grandfather Boris and father Jörgen both paved the way for him. Jörgen was first. He is celebrating his 30th year with Stringo. Soon after leaving school in 1988, he worked for a short while at a summer job in the area. He was approached by former CEO Göran Fahlén who asked Jörgen to join his company instead.

The company was then called Famek and operations largely involved contract manufacturing for the timber industry. Since then, Jörgen has been a part of Stringo’s exciting journey from a small family-owned company to the global player we are today. He has gained a great deal of experience over the years as, among other things, a CNC operator, fitter and coordinator of the spare parts stream.

During his time at the company, grandfather Boris worked on the assembly of our largest model – Stringo S5. Boris, who is turning 70 this year, retired some time ago and has seen his son and grandson continue the work at Stringo.

Christian is a fitter like his father.

“I enjoy building things from the ground up and finding solutions,” says Christian.

Jörgen and Christian laugh together and often can’t help but add to each other’s answers. While giving a tour of their workplace, they are in full agreement that there is a great atmosphere at work.

“The work environment is marvelous,” says Jörgen. “We are like a big family and the whole climate is great. Even though it’s a workshop, a factory environment, it’s very clean and tidy, which is something that management also encourages.”

And Christian agrees.

“We all help out. If you’re new you can always ask others for help if there’s something you’re not sure how to do. It's a fun and varied job. Even if we focus on vehicle movers there is still variation in the job, partly because each machine is custom-made.”