Humans of Stringo - Magnus Grafström

Humans of Stringo - Magnus Grafström

Humans of Stringo - Magnus Grafström

Magnus, you had a lot of experience with product design in other global companies. What things do you think you brought to Stringo from those experiences and what would you say that Stringo could teach those bigger global manufacturing brands?

I believe I brought structure around how to do product development that meets both customer demands and high quality results, and an insight on how to build a team with the right composition to get the job done. We have created a process to be able to be quick and efficient when possible, and more thorough when needed. This makes use very agile and flexible. I think a lot of larger organizations could benefit from a more pragmatic approach.

What’s a market trend that—on a personal level—you’re most fascinated by?

I have to say EV. This trend not only challenge everything we have taken for granted regarding cars on a personal level, but also creates completely new demands and actors in the market.

On the spot question, first thing that comes to your mind: I laugh/wince every time when I see ______ at Stringo HQ.

My colleagues, for sure! I really believe that work is not only about work, it’s also about in having fun at work. It is important to laugh together and not take everything super serious all the time.

You do a fair bit of large customer visits that deal with special orders. What do you gain from these visits?

It’s all about obtaining a complete picture of the customer demands and the environment in which the machine will operate. I always want to have a requirement specification before we start the design work, and in more complex special orders, it’s very difficult to do this without an on-site visit. The more we know going into the design work, the greater the change of meeting the customer needs.

You had a very athletic time of your life and still do. What sports did you do, and did you ever injure yourself?

Haha, though I’ve been doing some risky sports such as kite surfing, off-piste skiing and dirt biking, the only real injury I had was playing beach volleyball. I played against the upcoming Swedish champions, and I broke my thumb in the first set, which of course was pretty painful. However, we ended up winning the game. And that felt very good indeed.